Rainbird Nozzles for 1800 series

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MPR Nozzle & Screen

Nozzles are for 1800 series pop-up and shrub bodies. The screen is included with the nozzle and is necessary for the distance adjustment screw to work. 15 ft nozzles shoot a maximum of a 15 foot radius and I recommend not spacing them more than 12 feet apart or as far as you are going to let them shoot if less than 12 feet. 12 ft nozzles are low gallonage and I space 10 ft apart maximum. 10ft are low gallonage and low angle, I space a maximum of 8 ft apart. 8ft are low gallonage with a flat spray.

Keep in mind that a sprinkler head should spray over and hit the next head. That's to cover the area close to it's self where it doesn't deposit enough water. This is called head to head coverage.

15Van    Adjustable            $1.39

12Van    Adjustable            $1.39

15 Full                                 $1.31

15 Three Quarter               $1.31

15 Half                                $1.31

15 Third                              $1.31

15 Quarter                          $1.31


12 Full                                 $1.31

12 Three Quarter               $1.31

12 Half                                $1.31

12Third                               $1.31

12 Quarter                          $1.31

10 Full                                 $1.31

10 Half                                $1.31

10 Third                              $1.31

10 Quarter                          $1.31

8 Full                                   $1.31

8 Half                                  $1.31

8 Third                                 $1.31

8 Quarter                            $1.31