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The EC incorporates hook-up capability to rain, moisture, temperature or wind sensors.

EC Line-up


EC: Sophisticated technology and maximum convenience for residential systems

A masterpiece of modern technology that brings together the most desirable features, bundles them in a small, attractive package, and makes everything simple and easy to use. The new EC is designed for those who donít want a big controller, but do want one with all the features that meet their irrigation requirements. Available in 4- and 6-station outdoor models, the EC offers all the features you would expect to find only on more expensive units Ė on-screen water budgeting for seasonal adjustment, interval watering options, station delay, one-touch manual start and advance and non-volatile memory (plus, it boasts a sturdy protective cabinet that includes a lockable case). Best of all, no controller is simpler to install and program. Both the faceplate and the easy-to-read LCD display feature internationally-recognized icons that make programming a snap. The EC controller. Just the latest example of how Hunter makes advanced engineering simple.


EC Controller Intuitive dial programming
Enhanced dial design features easy grip, effortless program entry for installers and end-users

Seasonal adjustment (from 0% to 150%)
Easy on-screen adjustment (in 10% increments) alters the amount of watering to accommodate weather changes

3 programs with multiple start times
Accommodates repeat watering requirements, morning, afternoon and evening

Large LCD display with interactive icons
At-a-glance viewing makes programming easy, regardless of language

Choice of independent day scheduling options
For maximum watering flexibility (select days of the week or interval up to 31 days)

Weather sensor compatible
Incorporates hook-up capability to rain, moisture, temperature or wind sensors

Non-volatile memory
Excellent insurance against unreliable power; retains current time, day and program data